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Group Therapy


Group therapy is, quite honestly, a secret world no one talks about! 


You might join a group as a supplement to or as a step beyond individual therapy. 


But why?… You know that meal you ate that changed your world or that risk you took last week that surprised you to the core? Or, that relationship that scared you (in a good way) and let you see the world differently?? That is Group Therapy!  


But, what if talking to a group about your personal life isn’t your “thing”? That’s okay, it isn’t comfortable for anyone. 


Life-altering change challenges us to join with Fear - to partner up and keep walking. 


Scroll below the 3 groups listed for a few reasons why Group is an ideal fit for a lot of people…

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Reset life after sexual trauma

RESET Reading Room

Bookclub, support group,

meditation space - 


next step in Trauma Recovery

LIVING After Trauma

Begin to release the hold that sexual trauma has taken on your nervous system, energy, emotions, relationships, and daily life!

Personal Growth

Tweak My Life

Adults transform their relationships by acceptance, challenge, exploration -

a process group, practice arena, & private community

Group Therapy is unique for several reasons: 


  • provides an arena to test out relationship “stuff” (since no one went to Relationship Class after Math!)

  • you can get those thoughts/feelings that seem kinda crazy to you out of your head with little social impact

  • you receive and offer feedback to a room of people that represent the outside world (yes, that’s an asset)

  • others have also chosen to show up to do their own work (how often does that happen?)

  • challenge those assumptions you have about yourself and others ("Do I come off as an asshole?")

  • people supporting one another’s growth

  • and, it’s a private community – no one else has to know you are in training to make your life work better! 


It also may cost more in terms of challenging those comfort zones, but the hit to your wallet is less!

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