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Hitting the RESET button after sexual

trauma is trickier than it sounds!

"So, what is a trauma reading room?"


The Reading Room is like a book club, except you bring your own sexual trauma recovery material to read, in session. Maybe it's a podcast, article, or online course related to trauma. That works. It's possible your therapist suggested you read a book connected to what you're working on, but it's hard to do on your own. Bring it.


It doesn't have to be exactly about sexual trauma. You might be in a place where reading about "overcoming perfectionism" or "calming anxiety" or "accepting the body you're in" is fitting. If you have been through sexual trauma and you're allowing ANY part of yourself to heal, we welcome you. 


It's a support group by encouraging one another to “do the work” of healing. You may be strangers, but you have something very important in common. #METOO     

BUT, you don't have to talk about it!


What about the meditation piece? Relaxation time? Each session will begin with a relaxation practice to help reset your nervous system (where all those experiences sit!). *Participation optional.

“But, what will we DO?

Break it down.”

10 min Relax

40 min Read

 40 min Share

“But, what will we DO?

Break it down.”

15 min Relax

45 min Read

 30 min Share


Every other Saturday

1:30 pm - 3 pm

$25 (yup!)

*Sign up 1 session at a time, 

no ongoing commitment

"How do I start?”


  • You probably have more questions, let's have a quick chat by phone. 

  • Hit the call or email button or "online booking" (above) for a consultation.

  • You'll complete a general questionnaire and review guidelines online. 

  • The full community of members receives a "Weekly Resource & Registration" email. 

  • The first 6 members to register will be invited to attend each session. The more that show up, the better the group! It is suggested that all members try to come at least 1x/month.

  • Yes, gender inclusive - everyone is affected, everyone is welcome. *Note pronouns on nametag each session.

  • Adults over 18 years old only, please.

Claire Horner, LPC   &

SaDohl Jones, Ph.D., LPC

Druid Pointe 

2751 Buford Highway, Ste. 700

Atlanta, GA 30324 

Everyone wants relief.
We want life to work again or in ways it never has.
Chances are good you are tired of feeling alone.
#METOO has helped us feel less isolated in general.
But, we need more.
Yes, there is “the unknown” of how it will go and you might not feel ready. That’s ok. It’s a start.
Avoid putting it off. You are in the company of others
who know the struggle.