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How did I get here?

IG: @atlshrink, @resettraumaunstuck

LinkedIn: Claire Horner, LPC

FB: ATL Shrink

YouTube: Claire Horner, RESET Trauma UNstuck



Claire Horner, MS, MS, LPC, holds 2 Master Degrees in psychotherapy, is nationally certified, and state licensed as a professional counselor.


After growing up in Gwinnett County just east of Atlanta, GA, she graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. degree in Rehabilitation Services in 1998.


Assisting others in finding their strengths, talents, and passions led her to pursue a Masters in Professional Counseling at Georgia State University while also attending Richmont University.


It became clear that to best work alongside those abused by clergy or within the Church, it would be best to have a degree that brought psychology and theology together.


Her experience growing up in a fundamentalist religious atmosphere also provides a level of understanding that can assist those healing from doctrines that went too far, contributed to abuse within the home, or were potentially isolating in ways that have made moving into adulthood… complicated.


After completing the degrees by early 2004, she became licensed on Valentine’s Day in 2007. 






Since that time, she has split her focus between being a Relationship Translator for couples at all stages of commitment and partnering in the deep dive healing work with those recovering from sexual trauma.


Group therapy provides space to practice relating. Prior to the beginning of the pandemic, since she believes that everyone could have benefitted from Relationship Class amongst all the math and history, Claire offered a long term Process group. In also, an Advanced Sexual Trauma group, as well as a bookclub/solo study style support group for sexual trauma. As of late 2022, she has moved to San Diego, California and expanded group services for those healing from sexual trauma into the TEAL Trauma Groups available online. She also co-owns the company RESET trauma unstuck which is set to launch The F O F Podcast in 2023 connecting survivors to resources throughout the United States and internationally.


Her work in corrections at the start of her career fueled her passion for assisting all people to raise their awareness of how to better care for themselves, to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and to slow down generational traumas.


From 2012 to 2019, she enjoyed partnering as the Atlanta office for Relationship Counseling Center based out of San Francisco. Sevin Philips had a vision for connecting people (coupled or not) to professionals trained to help them improve their relationships. He was featured often in the media on the West Coast, was the warmest human, and RCC therapists adored him. Unfortunately, he died suddenly by illness and the company is rebuilding. 


*Claire is always glad to discuss questions or concerns about the theology degree. There has been so much hurt and abuse within the Church, that she thought it best to gain particular education in this area. She does not hold exclusionary conservative beliefs that would lead to judgment that is not conducive to effective therapeutic practice. For example, she is LGBTQ+ affirming and embracing, cherishes time with all people, and specializes in working with intercultural/interracial couples. 






























As a new endeavor in the summer of 2019, she decided to start the Atlanta Sexual Trauma Specialist Database. She regularly found it frustrating to find other sexual trauma specialists when her clients needed supportive services. It seemed that if she felt like she was always reinventing the wheel, others likely felt the same. The networking community serves as a resource to one another and the community who needs access to a single place to find providers. The services the specialists offer span psychotherapy, psychiatry, alternative medicine, functional medicine, massage, among others, and can also include trauma-informed businesses. A trauma-informed business may be a salon, tattoo shop, or real estate company that has been trained in practices that would make it easier for a person with Complex PTSD – for example – to utilize their services in a minimally triggering atmosphere. As it develops, it is hoped that The STS Database will be a source for speakers to area groups on the topic of sexual trauma – both on the sides of prevention and healing.


Claire Horner is presently a member of the Georgia chapter of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association, the Atlanta Group Psychotherapy Society, and the American Group Psychotherapy Association. 



When she’s not tending to her practice, she is likely hunting Greg Mike’s newest graffiti masterpieces in Atlanta with her photographer mate, rewatching Chef’s Table, planning the next Halloween creation, or tackling the technological learning curve of becoming a voiceover artist.


2010 - present

Auburn University, B.S., Rehabilitation Services       1994 - 1998
Georgia State University, M.S., Professional Counseling       2000 - 2003

Richmont University, M.S., Christian Psychological Services*       2000 - 2004

2010 - present

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