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Email to join or request information

Monthly Silent Networking
Study Hall work session
3rd Fridays, 12pm EST/9am PST  2 hours

Anyone who is trauma informed working with people healing from sexual trauma.

Quarterly Standard Networking
during the 1st hour:

January 19th, 2024
April 19th, 2024
July 21st, 2024
October 20th, 2024


Referring to trauma specialists can be tricky if you don't know them!
We are protective of current clients 
and referring people. 

Meetings help us get to know each other, build that trust, stay informed of services/resources, and have support in this challenging work! 

Get connected with this growing FREE community through regular emails, collective work sessions, collaboration opportunities, along with a Google Doc of trauma informed therapists, groups, psychiatrists, body centered practitioners, etc.


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*After 2021 break, the Network RE-Launched November 2022



 The culture of the community: To support the healing of sexual trauma through referrals across fields.


 Who is this for? Clinicians, Healing Professionals, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Agencies, Recovery Centers, Alternative medicine practitioners, Nutritionists, Coaches... Anyone with training and experience in the care and healing of people who have experienced sexual trauma, specifically.

Where? Georgia and California, primarily, since that's where I/Claire am licensed 😎. But, all are welcome. As the Compact grows to include more states, clinicians can be prepared by starting to connect with services across the country. Plus, Specialists are not just therapists. Collaboration brings more awareness to services for those in healing from sexual trauma. 


The Network includes a Google Doc with the people and services provided within the community (and the resources we add). It is updated as needed to increase referrals through community.  (Started June 2019)


Free to join and All are encouraged to SHARE the Network with any professional who has this specialty

AND those who need to refer to these professionals.

 VIRTUAL NETWORKING: Monthy meetings are 2 hours drop-in style via Google Meet/Duo. Monthly interviews of 1 member via recorded video or live (for those who wish to share their services via social media). Guest option on the F O F Podcast available for members. 

*Join the networking community to share the services you offer and hear about others.

Feel free to host an in person meeting or event at your practice. Event sponsorship welcomed.*

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