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Relationships - dating, married, partnered, siblings, friends, etc.  

Do you wish you went to relationship class?

Would you like assistance in gaining insight into how past experiences are impacting current relationships?


Is it increasingly more difficult to connect with your own aspirations, core values, and emotions? Can you name your wants and needs? What about expressing them to others?

Has your partner been through a sexual trauma you don’t feel equipped to handle?


Were you yourself abused and the attachment to people, including your partner, is suffering?


Are you dating, love each other, but find yourself in conversation loops that never get anywhere?


Do you feel like you need a translator to get your point across to your spouse?


Are you having a rough time as a parent helping your teenager leave home? What about the teenager that is now 32 and has returned home again?


Is your child getting married and you want to clear the air about anything before they start a new life?


Marriage and life commitments need a “hard reset” multiple times over the years. Are you and your partner due for one?


All Couple Sessions 90 minutes *
Even if you can't come in as often, I have found that couples need and benefit most from longer sessions.


** 3 Hour Couple Intensive **
Not sure how therapy works? Wonder if it could really assist your relationship? Come in for a guided intensive session. Walk out with clarity on next steps. We will work quickly on a solid plan. The "US" is the client. Creating an US  that lets both people be themselves makes "forever" actually sound fun!

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