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This is a Google Doc packed full of resources from therapists to therapist locators, to trainings, movies, podcasts, Etsy products and more to help in the healing process of sexual trauma. 


Who is this for? Survivors/Those in healing, Therapists/Clinicians, Healer types offering trauma-informed services, Family/Friends & Allies

TEAL Resources for sexual trauma healing

  • This is a 1 time fee to support the time dedicated to creating a valuable resource. Individual therapy is expensive - to receive and to maintain a practice! So, I always look for options in providing lower fee ways that add value to your healing process and make it possible for me to stay consistently present without burning out!

    By the way, I am always open to "coffee" chats and open to seeing if my mission aligns with other clinicians/specialists - feel free to contact me or DM via IG @shrinkit.stealit

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