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Group Therapy

Group therapy is, quite honestly, a different animal than other types of therapy. It is a unique place to explore growth with others who have also chosen to show up and be challenged.


There are educational therapy groups and Process groups. Whether as a supplement to or as a step beyond individual therapy, amazing work is waiting. Talking to a group about your personal life isn’t your “thing”? That’s okay, it isn’t comfortable for anyone. Life altering change is rarely comfy.

Living After Sexual Trauma 

8 Session Female Sexual Trauma Skills Group


Are you always on red-alert? Does the slightest change in your day ruin everything? Would you rather your body not exist? Are you feeling like surviving isn’t good enough anymore? Or, do you remember those days and have made progress - yet, want to gain more momentum towards enjoying life? Consider joining other women as we begin to release the hold that trauma has taken on your nervous system, energy, emotions, relationships, and daily life. 


This group has 2 goals - and neither is to talk about the details of your trauma(s). FOCUS #1 Slowly developing trust, managing boundaries, and monitoring triggers that go into starting new relationships. INTENTION #2 Identify the healthy and unhealthy ways you've developed to try to feel better. We will use them to create a LIFE MENU of what strategy to use when. For the unhealthy habits, we'll work to understand the essence of each one to see if there is a better option with less unwelcomed consequences - OR you decide whether to keep them. Includes a trauma education component and sharing resources, such as apps that can assist with your daily journey back to living. The particular topics of the sessions will change according to the needs of the group. This group is also for you if childhood trauma never gave you the chance to feel safe and protected in this life, but you want to know how to get there. 


“What happens during the session?” The agenda for each group is to start with a "grounding" or meditation activity, review difficulties or improvements since the last group, discuss the day's topic, then discuss what "1 thing" you want to apply between groups. The interactive component gives you a place to practice becoming assertive (which we all need), voicing thoughts and feelings, and knowing that your experience is quite normal!


Every other Friday, 10:30 am - 12 noon


6 member limit, Option to repeat or advance to "Trauma Who?"




Group began November 2018

Hi! Are you not quite ready for commitment to a group or the next group starts too far away – you want to get started now? Starting March 2019, look for the RESET Reading Room information! Part book club, part support group, part relaxation space.




Tweak My Life

Ongoing Adult Process Group


Can you articulate what you want and need in life? Do you know how to challenge others with compassion? What happens when you find yourself sabotaging your own growth? Is constructive criticism something that enrages you or helps you focus? Are there days where you wonder if you’re becoming your father (or mother)? What happens when you ask yourself, “why do I do that?!”


A lovely group of adults seeking to create a culture of acceptance, challenge, and exploration meets to answer these very questions. Our lives work better when we can do basic things well. A few of these basics are: share our observations in challenging and caring ways; stating our own needs; identifying our internal reactions to others and what may trigger them; having compassion for our own self sabotage while focusing on what we desire; know how our childhoods impact our present life; practice being assertive rather than passive, aggressive or passive-aggressive; and by gradually taking risks that lead to the life we want! 


Each member makes a 6 session initial commitment. Going forward, each member has their own purpose or objective they address in the process group format. Insights, thoughts, opinions, impressions, encouragements, and posing questions to one another help each person open opportunities for change. All of this AND with a professional to help translate, name, and facilitate those skills. Plus, it’s cheaper than individual therapy! How many people have their own private community of people who all want to improve their lives?


Every other Thursday, 7:30 pm - 9 pm


6 member limit, *3 openings April 2019

Group began October 2015

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Trauma Who?

Ongoing Advanced Female Sexual Trauma Process Group



Are you doing pretty well functioning at work? Have you been taking care of yourself (mostly) for awhile now and seeing results, yet know there is another level called “thriving”? Does travel, driving, social gatherings, or the dentist not cause panic like they used to, but you would still like to enjoy sex or feel empowered alone in public or be able to handle a conflict with a coworker? 


We would like to invite you to join this group of women who gather to process the present impact of severe sexual or psychological abuse during childhood and/or adulthood. The time incorporates relaxation tools, coping mechanism personalization, relationship building, and a delicate process of learning how to share your trauma experience without feeling like you might die. 


Requirements: at least 1 round of Living After Sexual Trauma group, an individual therapist (with me or an outside therapist open to consulting about your process), and 6 session initial commitment.


Every other Thursday, 7:30 pm - 9 pm


6 member limit, *3 openings April 2019

Group began June 2017

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