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Schedule of Services



Couple Sessions

$200   First Session/Consultation, Couple, 90 minutes, reduced to show my commitment to you & the therapy process

$175   Standard 50 minutes

$300   90 minutes

$500   3 hour Intensive

*Prepare/Enrich Program Online Inventory $35

**Online option once working relationship established, by recommendation only


Individual Sessions

$175   Consultation/Initial Diagnostic Evaluation (i.e. first standard length session, 50 minutes, in person only)

$150   Standard 50 minutes, in person or online video

$250   90 minutes


Bonus for established clients/patients:

$75     30 minute Speed Session, Skills Session, Personal Guided Meditation or EFT/Tapping Session

FREE   15 minute phone or video “check in” sessions, no more than 1x/mo


Group Sessions

$50    Relationship Bootcamp, 1.5 hours, every other Wednesday 

$50    New(er) Therapist Process Group, 1.5 hours, every other Wednesday 

$75    Process Group, 1.5 hours, every other Thursday

$75    Ongoing Trauma Group, 1.5 hours, every other Thursday


Reduced fee options:

$75    Enrolled adult students, Individual (3 daytime/Saturday slots)

$100  1 Couple committing to 8 weekly sessions, charged automatically weekly, ability to renew after each 8 wk cycle

Under $50:  2 pro bono slots and 2 low fee slots reserved






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