**ATL Shrink remains open via Telehealth - Limited time available**   
Argument at play

On their way to a satisfying relationship through relationship therapy.

Tell me more

Satisfying relationships...

Knock knock

Could you use a copilot on the personal growth road trip?

Fork in the road

Are you going through a transition or have questions about your life to answer?

Deep Thought 2007

On a walk one afternoon, while in seminary, the photographer saw this image. It is the posture most of us assume before picking up the phone to call someone to help. Individual therapy is that private space to sort it out!

Doing our own thing

People come together for many reasons - group therapy being one. It is a completely different therapy "animal" as you have a collection of people who are present to reflect, ask, receive, ponder, share, and challenge one another. Everyone on equal ground.

Chains from the dark

Past sexual trauma and a thriving life may not seem to go together. Oh, it totally can!!

Unique beauty

Coming out on the other side of sexual trauma can look like this!

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