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Claire Horner, MS, MS, LPC, LPCC


Whether for coping, healing, or growing, therapy is a rich asset!


Life brings people and situations to us that cause amazing, as well as, horrific experiences. And, when we realize we are always with ourselves so the mess is ours to clean up… well, THAT can send us screaming for the nearest comforting thing – human or substance!


Pain is universal. Your pain is what I’m concerned about. Your specific steps toward shrinking that pain to make way for “rich living,” as I call it. 


We rarely clarify the steps through sexual trauma or to healthy relationships solo. 


While I can assist you with managing anxiety, climbing out of the mud of depression, needing to understand the mental illness of a loved one, needing support through life transitions like a career change or adjusting to an empty nest, my best work is joining those healing from sexual trauma and those creating healthy relationships (with themselves or with a partner/spouse). 


I will tell you straight up that unless you are far into your journey in recovery – from a substance or eating disorder – I am not the best person to work with you. However, if sexual trauma led to those addictions AND you are under the care of a specialist, I will absolutely talk with you about your specific situation. 


Beyond sexual trauma and relationships, the other area I’m clear about being able to walk with you through… is toxic religious experiences. This may or may not include abuse by clergy. It may simply mean untangling yourself from the aspects of religion and experience with religious people/organizations that were toxic or abusive. That does not mean that I think all organized religious groups are toxic. I’m glad to answer questions about this sensitive area, the role of my theology degree in counseling, and how I might help you navigate to a place that is ideal for you. I do want to be transparent that while I am CIS and heterosexual, I am far beyond LGBTQ “affirming.” 


I’ve been “shrinking” for 20 years. In the more recent years, I’ve enjoyed working with interracial and intercultural couples to identify how to use their unique blend of experience to strengthen what they have. There tend to be special types of grief AND resilience in each of these relationships. I can help name them with you.


I adore helping all couples as they find the best ways to communicate their thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants. All couples need help creating their “Us.” All couples can benefit from a Relationship Translator (that’s what these lovely people started calling me without having talked to each other, so I’m claiming the title!). I believe the best relationships are those that allow for each person to be themselves and separate, while also creating an Us or heart-home along the way. If we’re going to get better at this “forever” stuff, we need to learn what we didn’t get in Relationship Class. Not being taught is not an excuse when most people have access to so many resources now! 


SO… My approach is that I work with you from the belief that we are not bits and pieces that work separately, but interactive systems that break down during grief, trauma, life transitions, relationship stress, health crisis, and other experiences. That work might be as a couple, in individual therapy, or even group therapy.


The therapeutic process seeks to restore the way our interactive systems of mind, emotion, and physical state work together. 


That way we find ourselves reducing the symptoms, calming the emotional storms, and unlocking beautiful choices for the future!

I look forward to meeting you!

Claire H. 

GA LPC#04830 CA#LPCC12161




Together, we shrink the blocks to life working at it's best.  


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