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CoVid: We will get back to it, but for now enjoy getting to now these trauma specialists!

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Meet 3 Atlanta Specialists:
Jen Powell, LPC, NCC, CCH

Dr. SaDohl Jones, PhD, LPC

I'm #3 on this call, Claire Horner -trauma groups discussed

Virtual Networking Meeting #2
The next 3 specialists:

Ali Dixon, LPC, NCC


Meka Nicole, LPC, CLC


Noelle Abent, Reiki Master

Virtual Networking Meeting #3
The next 3 specialists:

Lisa Hedden MS, APC 


Lisa Reid LCSW


Danielle Dollinger, LMSW/ The Refuge 

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or patients?
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 The culture of the community: To support the healing of sexual trauma through referrals across fields.


 Who is this for? Clinicians, Healing Professionals, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Agencies, Recovery Centers, Alternative medicine practitioners, Nutritionists, Coaches...Anyone with training and experience in the care and healing of people who have experienced sexual trauma, specifically.


The database is currently a Google Doc that can be updated as needed.  (June 2019)


Free to join and All are encouraged to SHARE the database with any professional who has this specialty AND those who need to refer to these professionals. 

 VIRTUAL NETWORKINGMonthly meetings are 45 minutes via Zoom. Max of 5 presenters. Quarterly in-person events starting 2020. 

*Join the database networking community to share the services you offer and hear about others.

Feel free to host an event at your practice. Event sponsorship welcomed.*